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I am an injured worker who recently found out how the Michigan Workers’ Compensation system works. Or should I say
how it doesn't work. Instead of receiving the medical treatment that was necessary to mend my injury, I was jacked
around, refused adequate medical treatment, and forced to work with my injury until I could not walk anymore. As a
result of this tortuous and fraudulent system, I now have a permanent disability that cannot be undone by any other

My company, like many other companies, uses flunky doctors (quacks) who cannot get jobs as “real doctors” in the
real world. Since these “doctors” don’t know what they are doing, nor do they care, they just lie about the workers’
condition so that the company doesn't have to pay for any medical treatment. This also keeps the premiums that the
company must pay for workers’ compensation insurance down to a minimum.
In short, what happened to me after I was injured at work was that I was forced to see one of the flunky doctors hired by the TPA (third-party
administrator) for three and one half months while he lied about my injury. I was denied medical treatment since the doctor said there was nothing
wrong with me, so I now have a lifetime disability called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Now my company is trying to get rid of me since I have
limited abilities in my present position.

I work for one of the automotive companies, so there is no reason why they could not give me a job that I can do to accommodate my disability. The
Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency allows them to get away with this and does nothing to assist me. They side with the company and the TPA
even though they will tell you that they are not on either side and that they are just a mediator. The irony is that RSD is 100% reversible if it is treated
promptly and properly within three months of onset.
This is a personal Web site that this Michigan Injured Worker (MIW) designed to vent ongoing frustrations with the
Michigan Workers' Compensation system.

I am also seeking the answers as to why honest & hard-working employees are treated like "throw aways" by their
employers and their third party administrators, and by the Michigan  Workers' Compensation Agency.
I have contacted the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency regarding this treatment only to be told that there is nothing I can do about it. I have
also written them letters trying to file some kind of complaint only to be ignored. I have written letters to every Michigan State department that I can
think of, but they simply forwarded my letters back to the same department that has been ignoring me all along. We need representatives in our
State and Federal Governments who are willing to do something about the fraudulent third-party administrators who are deliberately crippling honest
Don’t they realize that the people that these third-party administrators are crippling will most likely end up being forced to apply for disability benefits
(another government agency) because they can no longer work?
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